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Uganda, November 14, 2008

Boda Boda Motorcycle Taxi Driver Interview

Learn how hacks make a living in Kampala

boda boida uganda
Boda boda taxi driver
I love the boda boda motorcycle taxis of Kampala, Uganda. Fast, cheap, and fun to ride, they get you where you need to go with the speed and style unmatched by any other African transport.

While going between business meetings, I had the opportunity to interview a boda boda driver about his ride, his job, and making a living as a taxi on the streets of Kampala:

I found it pretty amazing that he raises a family on an average of 20,000 Ugandan Shillings a day, which is about $10 USD after driving for around 10 hours per day. And yet, with such a meager income, the taxi driver seemed happy with life - the positive attitude in the face of poverty that's endearing as it is shocking.

May we all be so optimistic (and charismatic)!

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1 Comment

Wayan! Before I go astry,I would like to ask you a question. In Uganda as well as other African countries,we have got beautiful people like me but I get confused why white people;journalists,tourists,etc,look for the worst to support their campaign. I havent seen anything like our shoppings malls that are mushrooming in the country, beautiful schools,beautiful well shaped warm women swaying their bums in your videos or pictures. Where are our 4by4 prados and toyota hiluxis with their canopies. I thought I would appear in your stuff but couldn't find myself there. Is it because Im beautiful thus doesnt qualify to be included!!
Anyhow,that Bodaboda young man who earns $10 after riding 10 hours a day is first of all more happy and confortable with the money because it is enough for his family. You have to remember that being on EQUATOR,every magic is in Uganda. Talk about food. Its very cheap when you have a job like his. That guy has earned hiself much money. Most of them have built themselves beautiful bangalows,retail shops etc from this bodaboda of his. Remember Uganda has got beautiful climate. So this bodaboda young man does not bills like that of central heating [ha!ha!],tax,etc,etc. The Westerners earn much but they spend it in those stuff. This guiy is happy in his own lifestyle.Thats why I always find myself complaining about the West. That boy has to creat something to do rather than trafficking some stuff to other countries. Check his smile. Its better than that of an officer in the West who earns much but he is not happy. That Boy cant kill his own Child or wife. Its unheard of. But in the West,a family man kills his family .......! Unbelievable.
All in all,its happiness that we are all toiling for nomatter where you are or what you are doing.

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