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Nigeria, August 19, 2008

I'm Scared of Nigerian Scooter Drivers

Mopeds or scooters, stay away from both!

mopeds of death
These mopeds are deadly
a virtual Mecca
Maniac Nigerian moped drivers
Do you want to get crazy? I mean really insane? Living life on the edge, with glory or death a millisecond apart? Then forget hang gliding, BASE jumping, or any other "extreme" sport you can think of. Nothing, and I mean nothing, compares to the death-defying act of riding a scooter in Nigeria.

And this act of utter bravery stupidity has nothing to do with the cheap-ass Chinese scooters that the Nigerians buy by the crate, no the risk comes with the suicidal Nigerian drivers themselves who have no sense of road rules, basic safety, or even common sense. Helmets? Ha!

Let's just take a look at some scooter fools in Kafanchan:

Shortly after I made this video, two scooter drivers hit each other head-on, and the result was sickening. I watched on driver couch up volumes of blood as he was put in the back of a car a driven to the hospital. The other driver was unconscious, and did not respond when he was lifted into the back of another car. I say neither probably survived.

On the lighter side, check out the background of this next video, which I made in Niger State. Note that the man hailing the scooter taxi weights more than the scooter and its driver put together:

Not to worry, I do not take scooters in Nigeria. I value my life a bit more than that.

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