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America, February 21, 2008

United for First Class Flying

This is the lifestyle I should be accustomed to

first class
Inflight ice cream!
I was surprised at the first question the purser asked me as I took my seat:
"What would you like to drink?"
Here we were, just boarding the flight to Portland, and he had already taken my coat and hat, and now was offering me a pre-take-off beverage. A cold Heineken later, I realized the full difference between this United First Class accommodation and my usually seat back in Economy Plus.

Here, I was treated like a friend versus a customer. Note that I don’t have a real complaint against Economy Plus - I find it as bearable as any seat on an airplane, all of which are too small, too close together, and too high in the sky to make me at ease.

But Jimmy, my purser on this IAD to PDX trip, really made my frequent flyer miles upgrade worth the 5 E-Upgrade coupons I traded in for the privilege. After that first beer, the vodka tonics started quickly and never stopped till we landed. I had them right through a real dinner with real metal silverware.

Okay, so maybe not a "real" meal, but the food was hot and was free, unlike the $5 snack boxes of the cattle class. And best of all, we got dessert! I went all out with a full ice cream sundae with whipped cream and both chocolate sauce and caramel.

Now that is the swank way to fly - tipsy, full, and happy!

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