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America, June 7, 2008

An Announcement from Amy and Wayan

We're going to be parents in December!

ziggy's first photo
Ziggy at 8cm long
Yes, you read that little wonder-stick right. There is a Ziggy on the way! Conceived after our second wedding, Ziggy the zygote is now 13 weeks old.

That means Amy is just starting to show and we're both just beginning to freak out. Ziggy will one day soon be an actual child - it already has little arms and legs, and sucks it thumb. One day soon, we'll be actual parents, and of something way more intense than a Taxi, too.

But we'll hopefully not know if it’s a boy or a girl until the big day, believing healthy to be the preferred option . That is if Amy can resist the urge to ultrasound herself every chance she gets.

I went to the last viewing and was stunned into silence as the ultrasound technician showed us Ziggy's well-formed appendages, head, brain, and even little beating heart. The miracle of life in my wife's belly.

I am so humbled. And so nervous. Got any tips, tricks, and thoughts for soon-to-be parents?

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Whoa congrats man; you've been super extra busy of late it seems!

Congrats bro! Gotta catch up and grab a beer sometime.

Congratulations! This is such great news. You are going to love parenthood. Our little Henry is 13 months old now, so all of that baby excitement is still fresh in my mind- and heart.

I have so many tips, I don't even know where to start... The most important thing to do is to take all advice (including this) with a grain of salt and do what you feel is right for your child. When the little old lady in the grocery store makes some weird comment about the baby needing a hat, or whether or not you are breastfeeding (not you personally!), just smile and say thanks and do what you want anyways. Nobody knows your child like you do, and nobody cares more about them than you do. Just know that and you'll do fine!!!

And look out- because you're going to be amazed at the love you are about to experience... and the sleepless nights... and the endless fits of giggles...

Enjoy all the aspects of having a baby that creates more love than you have ever experienced before as a couple. Cherish and care for Amy! Relax and release the stress as you become parents.

Aha!!! Been waiting for this one.. well done.. your boys knew their way.. I'll have to call.

How wonderful: Wayan the Dad! Good lock with everything!

Congrats on the future heir! How wonderful -- but have you considered if two jobs might just be a little bit too much, then? ;)

All the best of luck with Junior!

Great!!! Congratulations for the baby news although I have to say that calling that little wonder as "Ziggy the zygote" is by far one of the geekest things I ever heard!

i am so thrilled for you and Amy! wanting to have a child is a joy i well understand; it is such a delicious connection to the future.

here's what i can tell you about little ones:
1) babies are portable, continue to live life fully and let them be a part of this. (hell, you learned that one from birth!)
2) their cries and fusses are reasonable given their inputs (i'm hungry, i'm sleepy, i have major gas!). be reasonable in return.
3) when trying to soothe a baby, put your mouth next to their ear and do a low, closed mouth hum (reminds them of the sounds of the womb, i swear it works).
4) start them on curries so they will think that's normal (i have a major pet peeve about people who have limited palates).
5) the best thing you can do for a child is make sure they feel as if they have a legitimate place in this world. and that kindness is the best currency.

can't wait to meet this little sweetheart! i think Ziggy's a girl. i just got a flash of that.

Wayan & Amy, & Baby makes Three

We are so very happy for your both. Your friend that told you just to do what you think is best is correct, and the love and giggles that you are going to get is so amazing. They grow up so fast so enjoy every moment with them. It seems just like the other day when you were here and you were just a little boy, but see what I mean, they grow up so fast.

I can't wait to call your Mom, Grandma or what is she going to have the Baby call her. Well Best Wishes to you THREE and we send our Love to you also.

Love John, Cherie, Jeanette, & Catherine

wonderful news!!! it's alittle scary, but you'll get thru it (we all do). once they sleep thru the night, it's a breeze! cherish it all, life is short, childhood is shorter!

Congratulations! Have fun during her pregnancy, it was a really fun time for Erica and me -- we just had a son on May 31. It has been really fun since then and is getting better.

CONGRATS!! I *knew* ya had it in ya! As parents of 2-month-old twins, please find our advice here:

We'll sidestep the typical nuggets (plan for zero sleep, drink lots of fluids, etc.) and give this advice that worked for us: write a song for your zygote and sing it to her/him every night until he/she is born.

YOU ARE HAVING A BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!! Congratulations to you both! What a riot ... Wow. Very, very cool to see you so happy, friend.

Congrat's!! Happy to hear. Relax and enjoy it all. It will amaze you both how quickly they become their own person.

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