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America, January 10, 2008

A Weekend Wedding Ceremony

Be quick - double up on wedding ceremonies

I'm the lucky one here
Ready to kiss me again?
Yes, Amy and I are already legally married. We did do a Thanksgiving JoP run in Georgia. But you know what, that wasn't our real wedding ceremony. No, that was a legal contract, nothing more.

Its Saturday that is our real wedding ceremony. Its January 12th that we'll proclaim our love to closest friends and family. It is at 7pm that we'll be truly wed.

For we have the belief that marriage does not start with judges, cannot be enforced by courts, and will not be constrained by paper. Marriage comes from the heart, flows through community, and returns as a bond most public.

And here is a public proclamation of my feelings these moments before being a groom yet again:

But what do I matter? We know who the important one is this weekend, the bride. And at dinner, with her parents at the table, Amy tells us her feelings about this nuptial event:
So if you'll excuse us, we need to go stress out over caterers, music, and hair. Or the lack of them!

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