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Macedonia, January 11, 2007

How Many Shoes Do you Travel With?

Enough to give you a new nickname: Eight Shoe Sue?

how many shoes?
I want your... shoes!
As you already know, I never check my bags. I even go to great lengths to outfox baggage Nazis. Because I refuse to check my luggage, I pack light, very light. In fact, I only pack a carry on bag, no matter the length of the trip.

My view is that after a week's worth of clothes, which is essentially three full outfits that can be mixed and matched to make seven, you can always wash it all and start the next week fresh. So there is no need to pack more if you’re on a longer trip.

But I am not a woman, and more importantly, I am not my co-worker Sue. She packs a little different than me. She brought a Sealand container large checked bag in addition to a carry on bag. She needed the extra space for a very important item of clothing: her shoes.

Now how many shoes might a woman bring on a to week business trip? One to Macedonia, itself considered a shoe making center, where you could buy as you work? Take a look at this video to find out:

Now truth be told, I usually travel with three pairs of shoes myself- one for work, one for fun, and one for run. This trip, I had to jettison the one for fun to fit in a second suit.

I made up for that with a fun shoe purchase in Skopje, a cool pair of "Highroad" shoes for $20 that will be left behind when I leave. A small price to pay to never check my bags.

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Well, I didn't think this was going to be this much fun, but I did see all the shoes...



Wayan and Alek,

While I am getting my 15 minutes, I mean seconds, of fame... I would like to add in my defense that, contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not a girl's best friend. Any honest female will tell you that its shoes first and handbags second!! (or maybe both together).

I travel with two pairs of shoes maximum and they change depending on the time of year and where I am going and for what purpose. With the exception of travel to formal events in Canada, where my very formal in laws are, I do not travel with suits. Rarely, anyway.

I think you should do a video showing how you pack. I was very intrigued to hear your description a few weeks ago and I would like to see how you pack suits to minimize wrinkling.

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