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Taiwan, June 6, 2006

Computex Sales Girl Soft Porn

I don't know what she's selling, but I like it

smoking hot
Over-clocking hot
salesgirl porn
Dual core cute
While Taipei's Computex 2006 is a great gathering of nerdlings, an epicenter of geekiness, and a whole universe dorkdom, it sure does have one amazing upside.

I'm not talking about tips on CPU over-clocking or the newest in gadget porn, I'm talking about the great Asian tradition of "sales girls." Playing right to a man's prime motivation, every Asian sales event, and quite a few Western ones, have beautiful women showing off the latest products or services.

Computex is no different. Every major vendor here, Taiwanese or Texan, has clock-stopping hot models that make a man take a pause and look twice. Look twice at the short skirts, the cute smiles, and the chirpy hello. Look twice, but maybe not care to buy.

While I am a sucker for visuals, just like the next guy, the Asian soft porn doesn't really make me pull out my wallet, or even my business card. Sell me on your product or service, on your performance and price. Leave the flash, even such pleasant flash, for the post-sale celebration.

That said, I did have fun creating a photographic panorama of sales girls. An entire Flickr group of Computex 2006 sales girl photos. If you have sales girl shots to share, don't be shy. The sales girls sure aren't!

I talked to several to see how the job worked and if they enjoyd it. Seems that sales girl is a honorable professional path for models in Taiwan.

Not sure if all or any of the Computex booth babes will make that leap, but until then, I do appreciate the break from montherboards and chipsets.

Now enjoy the view yourself!

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