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America, July 29, 2006

Piñata Party Performance

A Jedi Knight, a Fencing Master, a Blunt Instrument - all tried, all failed.

WFY at Bat
Use the Force!
a log-stick
Or a really big bat
pinata death
Or your feet
With a "swoosh", she swings, with a "thwack" she connects, and with a cheer the crowd applauds. It is the first strike on the angry burro piñata that's dancing on a string in front of Sweet and we're all happy she connected.

"Swoosh," she swings again, this time missing, yet we watching her are connecting, with each other, with the group, with Sweet at the DC Metroblogging Second Anniversary BBQ Bash.

Here, after gorging on Tom's grilling and Tiff's amazing guacamole, we are about to duel to the death. We are doing our best piñata Jedi to beat a helpless burro open. Only then will treats rain down on us from its candy-filled belly.

Now, not only we are privy to the insanity. You too can be there, watching our folly. Thanks to Sweet's video skills, we have four great Piñata Party Performances:

  • First up, its Sweet employing her amazing "Cute Girl Swinging a Plastic Bat" technique to flail about, randomly connecting with the piñata as it twirls around her person.
  • Then WFY brings out the Force with a stunning display of "Piñata Jedi," swinging his plastic bat with great skill, if only minimal results
  • Next I whip out my patented "Piñata Duel Stance " and strike the burro with furry and anger I reserve for the paper mached
  • Last but not least, Don, declined the finesse of a plastic bat for the overwhelming firepower of a blunt instrument. His "I Swing Tree Stumps" skills drew first blood - a flying pack of gum.

What you will not see, and what shocked and kinda saddened me, was the pure kill lust of the next piñata generation. Kids from the party next door, when they finally broke the piñata, had a piñata orgy of destruction.

Ripping, tearing, kicking, smashing, they pummeled the helpless burro till he was no more than paper shards worn into the dirt. Their disregard for the burro, or enven the candy, made me wonder: is there hope for our culture?

That I do not know, but this I do: It was a great Piñata Party Performance at Fletchers International Boat House.

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Ha! Cracking up. Good times. Thanks for having us, even if I made a jackass of myself with that pinata.

The pinata was just living up to its evil countenance...I've never seen one that was so difficult to disembowel!

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