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Tanzania, February 18, 2003

Simba Sex, Serengeti Style

Serengeti Simba Sex Rocks!

oh that loving feeling!
time to get it on!
and its over that fast
Okay guys, here's a new way to enjoy the pleasure of a woman. A way that I hope to explore at the earliest opportunity: Simba Sex, Serengeti Style.

First, you separate a lioness from the pride, then lead her over to a roadside, preferably one where hordes of tourist mini-buses can get a good view of the action. Then, you initiate the festivities with a little growling foreplay. Do not fret, for that takes all of three seconds before she positions herself and you mount her from behind.

Then, go to town like a madman, working her nonstop for the next fifteen seconds. As you near your climax, start to roar and then, when you are almost there, bite her neck so she can't escape as you do the money shot and she roars in pleasure (or pain).

Once you're done, quickly jump back before she can nip you as she turns then rolls onto her back in a look of contentment. Next, stand around panting, checking to see if the tourists got a good shot of the fun before you lay down for a nap.

Now you get to rest for fifteen minutes before you have to repeat the whole process, as she'll wake you with growling if you tarry. Oh, and you have to keep up the iterations for the next fifteen hours, non-stop, if you hope to keep yourself as the alpha-male of the pride, or at least the alpha-male for your girlfriend/wife.

Now get to work on that roar!

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1 Comment

The simba had to go through the foreplay first,then action followed,and then Rest finally.Remember,these are animals,not human beings. To me,I feel this is what should be done always. Some men and maybe women should learn from these African creatures. Both of you should participate equally and 'reach'where you 'must' reach when at it together,and finally,take a rest.No marathon race,but asmooth game. Beware that Serengeti style needs ......otherwise you end up with broken back [but quote me well ...not broken....]or bruised. Cheers.

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